Progress Update!

Here is what I accomplished tonight:

  • Set up this blog at a new host, moving from WordPress.com to nickqueen.com (I have had the domain for YEARS so should use it, i figure.) My plan is to track my progress here, set up my portfolio at the domain and also a resume.
  • Completed the “HTML STRUCTURE: USING LISTS” lessons at CodeAcademy. I really want to get to working on Ruby on Rails, but I need to brush up on the fundamentals. This lesson included the HTML Basics II and setting up a Social Networking Profile using HTML. Again, pretty simple and I recognize it all, but a brush up is helpful. The progress on the lesson says I am at 27%.
  • Meanwhile, I did do the initial setup tasks at Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial so that everything would be ready once I get there. This involved signing up for a free account at Cloud9 and setting up the initial workspace.

The Goal of This Blog

The goal of this blog, and my pursuing of a web development education, is to change careers. I have already been to college. I have a Master in Social Work. I also have two Bachelor Degrees in Secondary Education. I do not want to spend money on another degree. I make good money now but I do not feel fulfilled in life. So, I want to move ahead and do so on my own.

So far I have made a few decisions:

First, I have decided to focus on Ruby on Rails.

Second, I am going through CodeAcademy’s Web Fundamentals course. Basically this is an introduction to HTML and CSS. I used HTML in the past, and I am a bit familiar with CSS as well, but the refresher is good. I am halfway through the HTML Basics II course in this.

For those curious what I am listening to and reading to set my roadmap, check out the following:

  • StartHere.fm – a great podcast that is inspiring for those setting out on a self-study course.
  • Joshua Kemp – He wrote No Degree, No Problem and after reading through it I decided on Ruby on Rails and a few other decisions.
  • Quit Law and Code – I figure if a lawyer can make this decision, so can a social worker!