Day 64, 65 and 66: Podcasting, Finishing AJAX and Working on Object Oriented JavaScript

Its been a busy last few days. First, on the personal front, I went on vacation starting Friday. Yay!

I recorded the Developer Soup podcast this past Friday. It was on choosing a programming language.

And since then I have destroyed a slew of badges on Treehouse. Here goes:

jQuery and AJAX badge

AJAX and APIs badge

Introduction to Methods badge

Constructor Functions and Prototypes badge

Prototypal Inheritance badge

I will continue on tomorrow.

Day 62 and 63: A Little Studying, but Mostly Networking

So, a quick update. I did a bit of the current AJAX stage I’m working on at Treehouse but I mostly networked the last few days. Yesterday I participated in the Codenewbie chat on Twitter. Tonight I went and met a local guy at Starbucks and discussed Free Code Camp and self-studying. Tomorrow is the Developer Soup podcast, but I hope to finish the stage I’m on at Treehouse.

Day 61: Continuing with AJAX

Well, another stage is done!

Programming AJAX badge

I learned the frustration of putting code that is supposed to run in a for loop outside of that loop. Once I caught it, the a-ha moment was overshadowed by the good 30 minutes of pulling out my hair.

Day 60: First Stage of AJAX Basics Done

Just a quick update as I want to sleep a lot tonight! I finished the first stage of AJAX Basics tonight. Here’s the badge:

AJAX Concepts Badge

Day 59: Completed “Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript” and on to AJAX

Just a quick update. I completed the “Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript” course by finishing these stages at Treehouse:

Selecting Elements and Adding Events with JavaScript badge

Traversing and Manipulating the DOM with JavaScript badge

and then I started the AJAX Basics course. Progress every day!

Day 58: Another Course Down and Starting the Next One

So, I was able to complete another course at Treehouse. This one was on jQuery plugins and concerned going implementing 3 different plugins on a site. Here is the last badge:

Using a jQuery Carousel badge

And then I went through the introduction of the next course which is Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript. The first stage, which I completed, is:

JavaScript and the DOM badge

Also, this week I joined Alex Gwartney in starting a new podcast, Developer Soup. We will be discussing our journey into web development and what we are doing along the way. Have a listen to the first episode!

Day 56 and 57: #Codenewbie Chat, Applying for Job, Super MeetUp and Some Studying

The last two days have been a little crazy. Yesterday I almost finished the jQuery plugin course at Treehouse. By the way, I also finally settled down and figured out the flow of learning at Treehouse. See here:


Maybe I’m wrong. Treehouse will hopefully set me straight if so. Anyways, I would have finished if not for getting distracted into first applying for a job and second the Code Newbie chat. Both were welcome diversions. I really enjoy the opportunities to go on Twitter and meet and chat with fellow learners. I always learn something and make new friends.

Today, I ended up going out and meeting others in person at the Baltimore Super Meetup. This is an event where Baltimore gets all the tech Meetups in the area together, serve them pizza and free beer and everyone gets to meet their fellow developers, designers, et cetera. It was a lot of fun and I met some great people. Also got to hand out my resume to a few people in the area.

Tomorrow I will be joining Alex Gwartney, of The Journey Of A College Programmer, in the new podcast Developer Soup. It will be a discussion of the journey of those of us in the learning trenches trying to make it into the hustle and bustle of the tech community. Be sure to drop by and have a listen!

Day 55: Three More Badges from Treehouse!

I was able to complete three more badges today from Treehouse! Let’s take a look:

The first was Tracking Data Using Objects, which reminded me a lot of hashes in Ruby. I think I understand both better now!

Tracking Data Using Objects badge

I next moved on to jQuery plugins. I completed jQuery Basics awhile ago. The first achievement was Introducing jQuery Plugins. It seems simple enough, but I can also see how it can get complicated when adding them to a complex page.

Introducing jQuery Plugins badge

and finally, Add a Sticky Navigation Bar. I like that this course is giving a few examples of plugins to add before moving on.

Add a Sticky Navigation Bar badge

Day 54: Completed JavaScript Arrays at TreeHouse

I finally got through the Tracking Multiple Items with Arrays achievement at Treehouse. I’ve been sick, so got slowed down. Here’s the badge:

Tracking Multiple Items with Arrays badge

and here is a link to the quiz I created at the end of the achievement, a Futurama quiz!

Day 53: Completed JavaScript Loops at TreeHouse

I completed the Simplify Repetitive Tasks with Loops acheivement at Treehouse!

Simplify Repetitive Tasks with Loops badge