Day 38, part 2: Back to ride the Rails

I will be studying the Michael Hartl Ruby on Rails tutorial. First, however, I want to do a quick refresher to catch up to where I left off. I’ll use Treehouse for that. I am glad there is a speed up function there. Here we go! BTW, I am going to speed through these and just post the badges I earn. I want to get going and fast.

Beginning HTML and CSS badge

HTML First badge

Creating HTML Content badge

OK, I will be continuing tomorrow. For those wondering why I am going back through this again, well, that is twofold:

1. Refreshers are good. I want to know this stuff really well. While HTML and CSS are markup languages, it is important to understand them.
2. I’m a completionist. Here is what the path ahead on Treehouse looks like:

I completed the Ruby Basics course already. I am a quarter of the way through the “How to Make a Website” stage. I want to be competent and refreshing my knowledge is a good way to ensure I know my stuff.