Day 41: Continuing in Free Code Camp Using Treehouse

Update from 7/8/2015: So, I actually wrote this last night. i thought I saved it. I guess not. I was tired!

So, I am hanging out right now in my treehouse while attending Free Code Camp!

Seriously, though, I tried Codecademy’s jQuery lessons and just found them hard to understand. In one section of the jQuery track at Treehouse it just clicked and I understood how jQuery works. I highly recommend it!

I think the difference, for me at least, is having a teacher in a video showing and explaining what is happening. So far Nick Pettit, Jason Seifer and Andrew Chalkley have been great at telling me what I need to know and explaining the hard stuff. Programming isn’t about memorizing tons of info. Its about understanding the system used to create and develop stuff. With the framework down, and an understanding of how each language works, you can build things if you have the perseverance and determination.

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