Day 42: Continuing with jQuery at Treehouse

So I am back at work at Free Code Camp utilizing the Treehouse jQuery track. Here is my progress so far at Free Code Camp:

I have changed my format a bit because I did not want to just be posting code and nothing else. I think I may do a review or summary in the future after I complete each section. Not sure yet. My main focus, however, remains learning as much as I can.

Here are some random thoughts on the experience so far, however:

  • Andrew Chalkley does a great job with not only teaching jQuery, but also explaining the thought process in planning and implementing the solution. His breakdown is amazing and really helps me get my head around the work a developer does.
  • This does seem a little more challenging. I noticed that Free Code Camp puts jQuery before Javascript. Treehouse puts Javascript before jQuery. Not sure which is the best path.

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