Day 47: Applied to LaunchCode and Getting Help at CodeNewbie Slack Channel

So, my original plan was to start JavaScript tonight. Instead, I ended up applying to LaunchCode and starting their test by mistake, scrambling to answer at least one question and then learning how to use the .reduce method to solve the hole math problem. Let me explain.

I have been wanting to find a job where I can start learning more daily while using the skills I have now as best I can. I came across LaunchCode and decided to apply. While I selected I would be willing to relocate to St. Louis, I would still prefer to stay close to where I am now. I answered the other questions on the application like so:

Please tell us how your interest and experience in technology progressed.

When I first left high school, I was working tech support at a local internet service provider in New Bern, NC. I found this job after working for 6 months running a movie theater and not really liking the experience. I knew very little about computers at the time and before the interview, I read up and learned as much as I could. I have had a love of computers since. I never thought I could be a programmer but recently I have found myself longing for a career in tech and decided to try it out online. I love it! I rush home daily to study more each day and I am tracking my progress on a blog. Between my first tech adventure and now, I have had many sites online through WordPress or others. I now have found something I am passionate about!

Tell us about a project you have worked on that you take a great deal of pride in. Provide links if available.

I recently completed my first program ever in Ruby. It is a book tracking app that prompts the user to enter the book, author, whether they read or listened to it and then a short, one sentence review. I am extremely proud of the app. I learned how to write loops, I learned to use YAML to save information between sessions and I learned how to search for answers on Google which is invaluable. Most importantly, I learned that I can do this, and had a lot of fun in the process. I blogged about the experience at It is located here: