Day 56 and 57: #Codenewbie Chat, Applying for Job, Super MeetUp and Some Studying

The last two days have been a little crazy. Yesterday I almost finished the jQuery plugin course at Treehouse. By the way, I also finally settled down and figured out the flow of learning at Treehouse. See here:


Maybe I’m wrong. Treehouse will hopefully set me straight if so. Anyways, I would have finished if not for getting distracted into first applying for a job and second the Code Newbie chat. Both were welcome diversions. I really enjoy the opportunities to go on Twitter and meet and chat with fellow learners. I always learn something and make new friends.

Today, I ended up going out and meeting others in person at the Baltimore Super Meetup. This is an event where Baltimore gets all the tech Meetups in the area together, serve them pizza and free beer and everyone gets to meet their fellow developers, designers, et cetera. It was a lot of fun and I met some great people. Also got to hand out my resume to a few people in the area.

Tomorrow I will be joining Alex Gwartney, of The Journey Of A College Programmer, in the new podcast Developer Soup. It will be a discussion of the journey of those of us in the learning trenches trying to make it into the hustle and bustle of the tech community. Be sure to drop by and have a listen!