Day 68, 69 and 70: Finishing the FullStack JavaScript Track @Treehouse

I’ve been busy and forgot to update. You may have noticed that I moved my blog inside my domain and set up a homepage outside it. I will be adding portfolio items here. My resume is also present.

I have also updated the blog theme. I wanted a little more simple. In any case, on to the update:

I completed these badges, finishing the FullStack JavaScript track:

Creating a Simple Server in Node.js badge

Handling Routes in Node.js badge

Creating a Basic Template Engine in Node.js badge

HTTP Methods and Headers badge

Welcome to Gulp.js badge

Gulp your JavaScript Workflow badge

Compile Sass with Gulp badge

Improving your Gulp Task Pipelines badge

And completion of the track!

OK, so I have a lot of thinking to do about which path to follow. Node.js or Ruby on Rails?