Day 8: Finishing Chapter 3 of the Rails Tutorial

I really feel as though I am getting the hang of this.

Today I completed the Ruby on Rails Tutorial Chapter “Mostly static pages” I also breezed through the exercises and I can feel my confidence rising. I really like the way Michael Hartl does the tutorial, its like it just builds naturally.

This chapter had to do with the creation of static pages in Ruby, plus adding some dynamic elements to it. It also included the first bit of embedded Ruby gem:

that the tutorial used to create individualized title pages for the three static pages we built. It did this through another line of code:

I also really liked how the tutorial used tests to figure out what needed to be added. This was done through a command:

As well as a Guard file. When I read through the way we would be testing this stuff I was amazed. Look at this:

This is using logic to test whether something is happening. If it is, success. If not, fail. It is so simple yet so powerful. I am really enjoying this!