Day 93 to 107: Restructuring My Studying

I am stuck a bit. I am working daily for the most part,  I had a few days where I needed a day off or something happened, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I am in the middle of Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial and I am learning a lot but also feel like I am going through motions. I need to shake things up a bit. So I am making the following changes,  starting tomorrow:

1. I am going back to daily blogging. I really believed it help me focus my learning.
2. I am finishing the current chapter of the Ruby on Rails tutorial then moving on to complete my current project. I believe this will help me learn faster and more effectively while also positioning me to find a job quicker.

3 thoughts on “Day 93 to 107: Restructuring My Studying

  1. Funny sort of. As you can see my name. A while back not too long ago, I decided also to learn coding, not to per say be a programmer but to be a full stack we developer.

    I also started a blog. I really do not care if anyone reads it, it is there for me to keep me accountable.

    It just looks like were so much alike on this, although you have been studying longer. I can feel your pain every time you turn a corner.

    I was really lucky today though I had a meeting with the VA vocational rehabilitation department and they agreed I could not be a nurse any longer but I could go to school to be a developer.

    Now as we all know, college is great to get a job but you really do not learn anything that would get you out the door on your own in programs like programming.

    I too love Zed’s book, I tried treehouse and couldn’t do it because of my connection speed but will be going back to it, since the va will pay for my high speed internet. I also will attempt to get them to pay for a full stack boot camp at udacity and bloc. I think with that and the degree, I can work for myself when and where I want, or at least be able to contract out to other companies.

    I wish you the best Nick, from Nick lol and hope you live your dreams.

  2. How’s it going? I know you’ve been sick. I didn’t do ANYTHING while I was sick. Still got that gunk in my lungs. I hope you get well soon and back to your daily updates, which I enjoy!

    1. I still have the gunk in my chest. Worked here and there a few times and the break has had me considering the path to move forward in once I’m healthy. Sore throat, plus gunk in lungs and no energy sucks! I hope you feel better soon!

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