Days 71 and 72: Podcasting, Finishing Up a Project, and a Day Off

This past Friday the Developer Soup podcast was recorded and made available here. Go have a listen! Alex and I discuss building confidence in programming and avoiding burnout. The next day I went to the beach, visiting Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City. it was a nice, relaxing day away from everything. On Sunday, I completed the BoardGameGeek Top 50 Hotness display web app I was working on. Take a look here.

So, I have decided to continue my studying while also working on programming on the side. A two-fold reason for this. I want to continue building my skills. No matter what, I need either Rails or Node.js in my repertoire. I have decided on pursuing Rails. No real reason for this, except that it feels right. I figure no matter what that I can come back later and get Node or whatever other skills I need. I am starting on Rails tonight.