Days 73, 74 and 75: Beginning (Again!) the Hartl Ruby on Rails Tutorial

So, a quick update and a proposed project. First, I have been slowed down over the last few days due to a severe sinus infection. I hate allergies! Nyquil knocked me out yesterday. About to do so again. Gotta get through this to keep working, both my day job and this.

I also finished up a first, small, project. It is using jQuery to display the top 50 games ranked according to Hotness at Board Game Geek. Take a look here to see it in action. I got help from the great folks at CodeNewbie Slack channel to iron out some bugs.

In any case, I have started back on the Michael Hartl Ruby on Rails tutorial. As of today I have completed chapter 1 and 2 again. I wanted to start from scratch to catch back up to where I need to be. I also have an idea for a 2016 US Presidential election web app I want to develop using the Twitter API. This will be my next project. I will be using JavaScript and Ruby on Rails to complete it. Stay tuned! Now, off to sleep!