Days 84 to 92: Continuing with the Ruby on Rails tutorial… and some CSS!

So, my apologies on the slow updating here. I am still alive and moving forward. A couple of life events slowing me down, the usual being work, allergies and a horrible toothache but I am still working on my career change. A quick update on the progress:

  1. I completed a few CSS courses at Treehouse. I am rusty on it and wanted to get an update. I finished these:

Getting Started with CSS Badge


Basic Selectors badge

I will continue with this as I want a pretty solid front-end foundation despite my aim being back-end.

2. I finished chapters 5 and 6 in Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial. I am over halfway finished with it. I will be starting projects at that point!

2 thoughts on “Days 84 to 92: Continuing with the Ruby on Rails tutorial… and some CSS!

  1. Hi, Nick!
    Just found your blog, while googling around for some issues I had while working on Mr.Shaw’s “learn ruby the hard way”. You had the answer I was looking for. I am also going though a similar path, trying to self educate myself in order to change careers! I am working through Shaw’s book right now. I am also trying to get a record in a blog of my studies (although not as detailed as yours). 🙂 feel free to check it out.

    I was hoping you would be interested in being study buddies, maybe help each other out, and do some pair coding projects down the line. I hear it is a fast way to learn 🙂

    If you are interested in keeping in touch throughout our journey, feel free to email me!

    Best of luck,


  2. Nick I think your main problem that is keeping you from focusing so much is taking that one guy’s advice about teaching.

    I think you are blogging too much, I am doing alot, but I only blog a little here and there. I can understand you saying, he made us do this and I didn’t understand it, but after this I do, then give them a link, if they want to go learn from the same place you are let them.

    Many your trying to learn to code, trying to work a job you want to switch from and you want to write a novel at the same time. Slow down the novel. Take a look at my diary, I call it a diary because I didn’t even seo it. Don’t care who reads it, it is to keep me accountable for me.

    How bout if you set a limit to your blog to 15 minutes in the am and 15 before bed. That would leave you alot fresher.

    Also don’t forget all the phone app’s you can be using to learn code on your phone at work during breaks ect. I have some free great one’s I downloaded and love them.

    Okay I have studied your life enough, For me I will go back to Ruby the Hard Way by Zed again. Take care.

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