Joining Flatiron and Next Steps

I just joined the Flatiron Community-Powered program and I’m extremely excited to be here. I started my coding journey back in 2015. Due to numerous hurdles, both professional and personal, I have been off and on the path numerous times. This time I am on the path for the duration. In fact, I’m putting my money on it.

I was extremely excited to find an affordable but well known program to join. Up until now I have used only either free or low cost programs. These include Free Code Camp, Odin School, Udemy courses and even excellent resources like Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial. I have learned a lot about languages, from Ruby to Javascript, but I feel that none were “just right.” I still feel I lack the ability to engage in the art of programming.

I include in this the ability to take a problem and break it down into small chunks and abstractly put together a program. This covers from idea to refactoring and deploying the app.

I have already started putting in place ways to ensure I am working daily. This includes adding the next portions of the course to an excellent habit app, Habitica! Here’s a look:

I’m off to keep working. I am hoping to use this space to discuss what I am learning and to work out the ideas in another way.