Progress Update!

Here is what I accomplished tonight:

  • Set up this blog at a new host, moving from to (I have had the domain for YEARS so should use it, i figure.) My plan is to track my progress here, set up my portfolio at the domain and also a resume.
  • Completed the “HTML STRUCTURE: USING LISTS” lessons at CodeCademy. I really want to get to working on Ruby on Rails, but I need to brush up on the fundamentals. This lesson included the HTML Basics II and setting up a Social Networking Profile using HTML. Again, pretty simple and I recognize it all, but a brush up is helpful. The progress on the lesson says I am at 27%.
  • Meanwhile, I did do the initial setup tasks at Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial so that everything would be ready once I get there. This involved signing up for a free account at Cloud9 and setting up the initial workspace.