Days 76 through 83: Catching Up on Posting But I’ve Been Studying!

Sorry to go missing from here, but I’ve remained busy. Allergies and such have been wreaking havoc on me, but I have continued studying Ruby on Rails Tutorial through Michael Hartl. I am currently halfway through Chapter 5 and I am learning a lot and really enjoying it.

I also just had my first interview through SparkHire. This was a unique experience. Its a one-way interview where you record your answers to questions. If I pass this part of the interview process I then move on to an in-person interview. Very exciting. I will be switching gears for a bit to brush up on my CSS skills at Treehouse.

Day 39: Continuing Treehouse Rails Development Track

So, like before, I am doing a very quick HTML and CSS refresher.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets badge

Customizing Colors and Fonts badge

Styling Web Pages and Navigation badge

Adding Pages to a Website badge

Responsive Web Design and Testing badge

Sharing a Website badge

Debugging HTML and CSS Problems badge

OK, I finished up the refresh of HTML and CSS. Now on to Javascript Basics.

First part is just an overview of all the uses of Javascript, which is very impressive! It is definitely a language I want to learn more about.

And then, a few quick exercises. Using this index.html:

I added a simple JavaScript code inside it:

and then in a separate file:

These both caused message boxes to pop up in the browser.

Here is my progress so far while heading down the Rails Development track:

As you can see, I have completed the How to Make a Website stage, and previously completed the Ruby Basics Stage. I am currently in the JavaScript Basics stage. My next one after that will probably be Console Foundations.

Back for more tomorrow!

Day 38, part 2: Back to ride the Rails

I will be studying the Michael Hartl Ruby on Rails tutorial. First, however, I want to do a quick refresher to catch up to where I left off. I’ll use Treehouse for that. I am glad there is a speed up function there. Here we go! BTW, I am going to speed through these and just post the badges I earn. I want to get going and fast.

Beginning HTML and CSS badge

HTML First badge

Creating HTML Content badge

OK, I will be continuing tomorrow. For those wondering why I am going back through this again, well, that is twofold:

1. Refreshers are good. I want to know this stuff really well. While HTML and CSS are markup languages, it is important to understand them.
2. I’m a completionist. Here is what the path ahead on Treehouse looks like:

I completed the Ruby Basics course already. I am a quarter of the way through the “How to Make a Website” stage. I want to be competent and refreshing my knowledge is a good way to ensure I know my stuff.

Day 4 Progress

Today I made it through the “INTRODUCTION TO CSS” part of the CodeCademy HTML and CSS course. This is a pretty easy, straight-forward introduction and I am enjoying it so far. Tomorrow I am hoping to finish it and move on to some harder stuff.

The Goal of This Blog

The goal of this blog, and my pursuing of a web development education, is to change careers. I have already been to college. I have a Master in Social Work. I also have two Bachelor Degrees in Secondary Education. I do not want to spend money on another degree. I make good money now but I do not feel fulfilled in life. So, I want to move ahead and do so on my own.

So far I have made a few decisions:

First, I have decided to focus on Ruby on Rails.

Second, I am going through CodeCademy’s Web Fundamentals course. Basically this is an introduction to HTML and CSS. I used HTML in the past, and I am a bit familiar with CSS as well, but the refresher is good. I am halfway through the HTML Basics II course in this.

For those curious what I am listening to and reading to set my roadmap, check out the following:

  • – a great podcast that is inspiring for those setting out on a self-study course.
  • Joshua Kemp – He wrote No Degree, No Problem and after reading through it I decided on Ruby on Rails and a few other decisions.
  • Quit Law and Code – I figure if a lawyer can make this decision, so can a social worker!