Day 61: Continuing with AJAX

Well, another stage is done!

Programming AJAX badge

I learned the frustration of putting code that is supposed to run in a for loop outside of that loop. Once I caught it, the a-ha moment was overshadowed by the good 30 minutes of pulling out my hair.

Day 55: Three More Badges from Treehouse!

I was able to complete three more badges today from Treehouse! Let’s take a look:

The first was Tracking Data Using Objects, which reminded me a lot of hashes in Ruby. I think I understand both better now!

Tracking Data Using Objects badge

I next moved on to jQuery plugins. I completed jQuery Basics awhile ago. The first achievement was Introducing jQuery Plugins. It seems simple enough, but I can also see how it can get complicated when adding them to a complex page.

Introducing jQuery Plugins badge

and finally, Add a Sticky Navigation Bar. I like that this course is giving a few examples of plugins to add before moving on.

Add a Sticky Navigation Bar badge

Day 52: Finished JavaScripts Basic Course

Note: I am going to change the way I do updates to this blog. I know, I’ve done this before, but I am changing as I go. I will be doing short status updates as I finish courses and tracks. I will also be trying to add more meaningful content. This will include my thoughts on different courses, explaining concepts and so forth.

So, tonight I finished the JavaScript Basics course by acquiring this badge:

Creating Reusable Code with Functions badge

and here is the GitHub link for the JavaScript Basics challenges I did.