The Road Behind, The Road Ahead

So, I am at a good point to assess my skills to this point. Let’s take a look at what I’ve learned so far.

I started on May 27, 2015. Since that time I have learned the following. This won’t be a fully comprehensive list, nor will it be in order:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Ruby strings, numbers, Boolean
  • Ruby functions, arrays, hashes
  • Ruby methods
  • Ruby operators and control structures
  • Ruby loops
  • Ruby Objects and Classes
  • Ruby blocks
  • JavaScript strings, numbers, and Boolean
  • JavaScript¬†Conditional Statements
  • JavaScript functions
  • JavaScript loops, arrays and objects
  • jQuery Basics and plugins
  • Manipulating the DOM via JavaScript
  • AJAX Basics
  • Working with APIs using jQuery and AJAX
  • JavaScript methods
  • JavaScript constructor functions and prototypes
  • JavaScript prototypal inheritance
  • Node.js Basics
  • Node.js servers, routes, ¬†templates
  • Node.js and HTTP methods and headers
  • Gulp Basics

OK, that is a lot. I decided today that I would start working on a small, personal project. I wanted to make access the API from BoardGameGeeks and display the top 50 games by “Hotness” in a grid. I wrote up the code after much work and it didn’t work. No errors and I had no idea what went wrong. The CodeNewbie Slack chat was very helpful and patient in helping me figure it out. Learned a little more about jQuery and document.ready and putting code outside it to run.

Despite learning a little more, I find myself frustrated. Maybe I’m tired. Who knows. In any case, I realize that this is part of the process. I must be frustrated. Through that frustration I can continue growing in skills and reach my goals.

Biggest issues moving forward:

  1. Figuring out some projects to do. I overreach a lot. I need to focus on some small projects that are a little bit above my skills so I can continue growing in my skills.
  2. Node.js or Ruby on Rails? I started out wanting to do Rails. I then went with JavaScript for a bit and come to find I really like Ruby and JavaScript. It seems there are more training resources for Ruby on Rails. I spoke to a few people at CharmCityJS Meetup who suggested that Node.js is more marketable as it is more widespread. JavaScript is everywhere whereas Rails is popular only in certain areas. I have no idea. I have went back and forth over the last few days. Eventually I will decide. Right now, however, I am going to build a few projects.